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Wedding Packages

Our packages are tailored to match the style and cadence of your wedding day.


One or Two Camera Coverage
Choice of Video Package
Start to Finish Coverage
and so much more!

We offer the following styles for your wedding film:
START TO FINISH             $800.00 Great Quality with No Frills

We'll shoot the wedding and reception, then create your video with minimal editing. Basically, what we shoot is what you get. All packages include videos for parents and grandparents.

DOCUMENTARY             $1,200.00

A Great Value

We’ll shoot the wedding and reception from start to finish with 2 cameras. The final edit will include various angles of the event, close-ups and long shots, picture-in-picture, and other variables for a seemless, continuous, flowing finished product. This package includes videos for parents and grandparents.

​EDITOR'S CUT VIDEO    $1,600.00

Our Most Popular Package

The Editor's Cut will include all the features of the Documentary Video, plus we'll integrate guest interviews throughout the video. Any special requests will be featured in this video as well. This package includes videos for the parents and grandparents.



Why Video? Is It Worth It?


"DO IT!!!!! I promise you will not regret spending the money. You may not think you want to relive every minute, but after the day you have been meticulously planning for months flies by in what feels like seconds, you will be desperate for a way to remember it!"

— Rachel

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